Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Week 12: Using other Social Media

I think LinkedIn would be a good platform to actively use for my business. 

When I attend networking events I can find the people I am networking with from my phone. Which is great if I don’t have a business card handy. LinkedIn is very business minded so I don’t feel bad when I post about my business as I would on Facebook or Instagram. 

I have heard Google Plus is going to be taken down within the next few months because it didn’t take off the way they wanted it to. I will need to research this more to see what’s happening with it.

I could try using Yelp as I know the search engines love when I business is on Yelp. 

I am not a big fan of Groupon because to change your campaign you need to get them on the phone and I don’t like something I can’t go in and change myself.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Week 11: Email Marketing

Newsletters are good for businesses who want to keep their customer base well informed. For my business I would prefer a monthly newsletter and I would use the “Top 10” as the base of my new letter. I would use informative marketing with each category in the newsletter. Most of my customer base are new and small businesses, so they need a lot of help and information in starting or launching their existing business.

I would utilize the following categories below:  

  • ·         Top Ten Tips for helping you Budget
  • ·         Top 10 Business Apps
  • ·         Top 10 Tax Tips
  • ·         Top 10 Social Media Tips
  • ·         Top 10 Customer Service Tips

Monday, October 29, 2018

Chapter 10. Part 2. Categories

The categories that I would use on my business blog would be:

·         Marketing
·         Business Management
·         Money Management
·         Time Management

These categories would help my business grow because my business is based off information and consulting. Having these categories would allow my target audience to select which area they need assistance in. 

I commented on the following blogs:

Koo, Bonkun
Williams, Floyd
Niepagen, Nancy

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Chapter 10: Blogging for Business

Everyone loves human interest because it described personal experiences of people we may or may not know. This lets us know that they are, in fact, human. They are just like US. We live in a day in age where everything is automated and it’s nice to see fresh ideas and opinions from an actual person. The book “Likeable Social Media” was talking about Lady Gaga and how she runs her own social media and that is important because the people who are engaging with her see photos that she took and comments she is making. Due to this, she now has over 30 million followers on Instagram alone.

There are times that it would be ok for a third party to come in. If you have so many followers that you can’t respond to all their questions, it may be good to hire someone who can do so. I am bringing up a third party because these are generally time that a personal touch won’t be able to be given. A personal touch may not be necessary for a “sale post” for instance or announcing a winner of a social media contest. There are also “informational posts” that can be generalized as well and don’t necessarily need a personal touch. Personal touches aren’t needed often if you are responding to the customers that are asking generalized questions.

It’s always good to have a personal touch in my opinion but you can lace it with some generics and it wont hurt.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Post 9: Twitter - Sharing Your Thoughts in 140 Words or Less

I started to follow a company I recently collaborated with for new leads. Their name is Housecall Pro and they have a lot of followers that I can convert into clients so it was a pretty good follow for me.
I also started following Thompsonhvac. I used “heating and air conditioning in San Diego” in the search box to find them. Some of my clients are HVAC so I figured it would be good to have a few HVAC companies to follow.

I then used the word “plumbers in San Diego” and I started following @georgplumbing because they are another potential customer.

I finally started following Tony Robbins (aka, my one-day husband). I am hoping his tweets are just as good as his posts on his other social media platforms, this will allow me to have content, so I can retweet (RT) to my following.

My Lists:

Potential clients:  This will include HVAC and plumbing companies.
Clients: these are people that are my existing clients. I want to keep in contact with them so I can maintain our relationship.
Business Partners: This will include Housecall Pro and CPAs.
Most of my twitter targets (except Tony Robbins) own small businesses so their prime time would be early in the morning 5am to 8am and in the evening 7 to 10pm.  

Lists are life:

I can stay organized on Twitter by putting everyone in their own list. Having all the people that belong in the above lists will help me target one market at a time. On Mondays I can target tweets that have been done “potential clients” list and respond to their tweets and the next day respond to tweets from my “business partner” list so they know I support their business as well.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Week 8: Part 2 Let a Picture Tell a Story

1    Zirtual has 3000 to 10,000 followers on their social media platforms. They are using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Each platform that has a post also has a photo. Some of their photos are of text and it seems simple and to the point and still draws you in. This isn’t the best use I have seen of photos and platforms. They haven’t posted anything since March of this year, but prior they were posting once per week on average between all of their platforms.  Lack of posting makes me wonder if they have closed. Seeing this lack of posts make me realize how important it can be to stay active on social media. I am not seeing very many likes and zero comments.

2   Belay has 2000 followers on Instagram and Twitter and over 6000 likes on their Facebook page. They are using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Plus. Their last post was this week and they stay active on all their platforms, posting at least once per week. They also use visual photos on all their posts and on all their platforms. They even gave a customer review and quoted it on a photo of a lady sitting at a desk. I liked that they did this because it allowed them to share it on Instagram. This is defiantly a tip I am going to use!! I am not seeing very many likes and zero comments.

3    Intelligent Office uses Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. They are using video and pictures in all their postings. None of their visual content was impressive but I did apricate their quality videos on YouTube. They have 3000 followers on LinkedIn. Their Facebook isn’t linked to their page, and they have 5 videos on YouTube from over 3 years ago. Their last post on Twitter was in March. They are not active on social media even though they have had the money to invest in high quality videos. They, like all these other companies I am reviewing for this assignment, are getting 3 likes on average. It’s interesting to see the numbers so low. Again, this is another example that I need to keep in mind, so I can make sure I am posting on a regular basis and I am engaging my viewers by asking questions and getting them to think.

4    Uassist.me uses Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn only. They have 49 followers on Instagram, 890 followers on Twitter and 7000 likes on Facebook. They haven’t posted since 2017 and their followers don’t comment, and their likes are averaged about 3 likes per post. They use visuals on all their platforms but no video content, only photos. I learned that it is important to post content that can get your customers engaged, maybe asking them questions to get them to comment. This social media wasn’t very well managed.

5    Timeect uses Twitter and LinkedIn. They have 2300 followers and their last post on Twitter was May 17th and on LinkedIn it was last year. They are using photos as their primary visual and the photos aren’t high quality. They have very few likes and again are averaging 3 likes and zero comments. I am learning what I have from viewing the other companies; to keep up to date with my customers and to make sure I have good visual and written content.